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Here's What You've Said!
"I can't believe it! We've saved over $200 and we've only had our book two weeks! Thanks!
               -Lauri E., Austin, TX
"Wow! This was the best gift I received! It's been a lifesaver!
                 -Amy W., Greer, SC
"This book is terrific! I had no idea I could save this much! Thanks!
      -Marjorie V., Asheville, NC
"We have twins! The tips on  diapering have saved us close to $1000 so far! Thank you!"
                   -Don & Teresa P.,
                    Los Angeles, CA
"I purchased 4 books, all for parents expecting their 1st baby.  I'm a grandmother of 8 who wishes I had this book back when we were raising 3 children and money was tight."
   -Teresa C., Simpsonville, SC




"I Could Have Saved How Much!?!"

(How does $300, $500 or more than $1,000 sound?
 "I Wish I Had Known That!" will show you how!)

Dear Expectant or New Parent,

Let's face it - babies cost money - a lot of money! Many surveys show in your baby's first year alone you can spend more than $5,000 outfitting your baby's nursery, on clothing, food, diapering and medical expenses! Factor in post-birth expenses such as daycare, preventive medical care and immunizations and this amount quickly exceeds $10,000! Whew! So with the joy and exhilaration a new baby can bring; they can also bring a ton of worry and anxiety once you realize all the things you must learn and buy!

"How are we going to...?"

Are you worried about how you’ll afford to buy all the things your baby needs? Are you worried about how you can secure your job before your maternity leave begins? Are you stressed out about how to choose the best daycare for your baby? Do you want to learn about hidden savings many parents don’t know to take advantage of?

Want to save some of your hard earned cash? As much as $1,000 or more? Sure you do! And we're here to show you how much you can save by using many of our simple, everyday tips! You can save money and time with your new baby. You CAN learn:

  • How to save tons of money on all your baby's needs!

  • The steps to take to help secure your job before you go out on maternity leave.

  • How to thoroughly research daycare options so you know you've chosen the best care for your baby.

  • How to spot baby marketing tricks that suck up your hard-earned  cash!

  • Power-packed savings strategies that keep more of your money and precious time!

"Yes! You can save tons of money
 and time with a new baby!"

Since babies do not come with instruction manuals, our journey of parenthood is often filled with tons of trips and falls that end up wasting  tons of our hard earned money and precious time. And with each hard learned lesson, we usually say “I Wish I Had Known That!”

Imagine a book packed with saving secrets to help you through the parenting woes of wasted money and lost time from learning by “trial and error”. Imagine a book that combines all the savings strategies seasoned parents have learned to benefit from – but you have yet to learn…

 “But there is no such book,” you say. Oh, yes – there is now!

"I Wish I Had Known That!" Book Cover

 “I Wish I Had Known That!” is a revolutionary new book of twelve powerful chapters filled with over 300 simple and practical baby saving secrets! Whether you’re expecting your first child or another addition to your family, you’ll learn secrets that generation after generation have used to save a bundle!

 “I Wish I Had Known That!” will show you countless, simple money and time saving tips many parents consistently miss out on! We’ll share with you multiple methods that help you make the best choices for your baby without killing your wallet!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this book is like many of the “how-to-care for baby” books out there!
“I Wish I Had Known That!”
is completely different from other parenting books out there today because
it combines the “need-to-know” money and time saving tips
you should learn from the start with the vital strategies of securing your job before your maternity leave begins, choosing the best daycare for your baby and maximizing hidden savings others miss out on!

No other book on the market today gives you so much vital information all in one place!

You’ll sigh with relief knowing you’re saving tons of money on your baby’s needs. “I Wish I Had Known That!” is an innovative, one stop source that combines hundreds of power-packed saving strategies into one concise, spiral bound book. Its super easy format allows you to learn these saving secrets one at a time or by section or by chapter. Read it your way! It then goes one step farther by actually quantifying your potential money and time savings you can realize by implementing each tip. This powerful feature shows you how each tip can impact your family and your budget!

For example, you’ll learn:

  • How to save up to $1,500 on your baby's nursery by avoiding all the latest gimmicks all the baby furniture retailers and decorators "swear" you need!  Learn how in Chapter 1.

  • How to save $300 or more on clothing plus the handy small device that minimizes clothing returns! Learn what it is in Chapter 2!

  • How to save up to $500 on your baby's diapering needs! Chapter 3 will teach you how!

  • How to save $100 or more on breastfeeding items, formula, food and feeding accessories. It's all in Chapter 4!

  • How to easily save $100 or more avoiding this one toy we're conditioned our babies must have! Learn which one in Chapter 5!

  • How to save $50 or more on bathing items plus the one "must-have" item that protects your baby from serious burns! Learn this and more in Chapter 6!

  • How to save $100 or more on bedding and bedtime items plus a list of the Top 17 ways to soothe your baby back to sleep! You won't want to miss Chapter 7!

  • How to save $100 on miscellaneous items plus "Extra Need to Know Tips" no one thinks to tell you! You'll find it all in Chapter 8!

  • Ways to creatively reuse and recycle containers and other baby items in Chapter 9.

  • How to save up to $50 on cleaning supplies and super strategies to save time cleaning! These secrets await you in Chapter 10.

Click here for a description of each chapter detailing the type of savings you'll receive.

  Click here for sample savings and book excerpts you're sure to enjoy!

This is just the start of the super saving secrets “I Wish I Had Known That!” will reveal to you. Just the few tips shared here alone can save you close to $1000! Isn’t it worth it to you, your baby and your wallet to learn this wealth of savings information?

"How can we be sure we've...?"

Your potential savings above is just the beginning!  Are you stressed out about how to protect your job during your maternity leave?  Is your stomach in knots because you’re not sure how to choose the best daycare options for your baby?  Are you concerned you’re throwing money away because you’re not making the most of your company’s benefit options?

 “I Wish I Had Known That!” includes special chapters covering these subjects in detail. You’ll find these chapters  jam packed with the techniques and solutions you need to know in order  to eliminate these woes! Solutions no other baby book out there has!

For example, these special chapters only found here, will teach you:

  • How to pick the best daycare using the easy, yet extensive research techniques and secrets you'll only find here! Learn them in Chapter 11!

  • How to comply with the Family Medical Leave Act to avoid putting your job at risk!
    See how, step-by-step, in Chapter 12!

  • How to avoid costly mistakes and how to maximize your company's insurance benefits, flexible spending accounts, wills and more! You'll find this in Chapter 12 too!

Click here for a description of each chapter detailing the type of savings you'll receive.

  Click here for sample savings and book excerpts you're sure to enjoy!

Imagine enjoying your maternity leave without worrying how your return to your company will go …  Imagine being worry- and guilt-free if you return to work because you know your baby is in the “best of hands” while you’re working…  Imagine enjoying a nice evening out with your spouse…  Imagine starting your baby’s saving fund now, years before you planned on…  Imagine making your family’s dreams realities… You can experience all this and more with the money you’re saving with these secret strategies!

Thanks to the tips you’ll learn here,  you’ll enjoy your newfound parenthood more than you thought possible! Since these tips will save you time…they will save you money…they can eliminate many stressful concerns you must face from all the decisions you must make!

"Yes! It Gets Better!"

It's Guaranteed!

 …And if it can’t get any better! It can! You don’t have to take our word for all the savings you’ll learn. Included with our book is our “Special Delivery” Guarantee! If you don’t save at minimum your purchase price of $24.95 by using at least three tips found here – we’ll refund your purchase price (minus shipping and handling). Try getting this type of guarantee with any other baby book out there!

So why would we offer you such a super guarantee? Because, we believe so strongly in the savings you will get from these tips that you’ll wonder how you ever made it without them! Additionally, having been new parents ourselves, here are more reasons why we are offering such a guarantee:

  1. We know how it feels to be "had".  My husband and I can't believe all the money we wasted on gimmicks and ridiculous items the baby marketing militia convinced us we needed for our first child. Learn how to spot these traps and how to avoid wasting the money we did!

  2. We know how disappointing it is to lose money you can’t get back.  So much of the money new parents spend is often wasted trying to learn what works and what doesn’t work. Avoid wasting money unnecessarily with the strategies you’ll find here that have helped generation after generation save tons of money and time.

  3. We know what it is like to wish you could do things for your family if only you had the money.  Imagine being able to work part-time, or not at all, after learning multiple ways to save your hard earned money…Imagine starting your baby’s savings account before you thought you could…Imagine enjoying a weekend family trip…These are real possibilities
    that can be yours after you learn how to save more of or reallocate the money you have now.

  4. We want the best for your family. Money and time saved are precious items that allow you to enjoy your new parenthood to its fullest. These times are the most precious in your baby’s life – we hope these savings allow you to enjoy your baby’s infancy without anxiety and stress.

  5. Parents everywhere can’t believe their savings.  Parents throughout the country are amazed at the savings these tips bring them. We want you to be one of these parents so   you can experience the dreams you have for your family with your savings.

  6. If you're happy; we're happy!  Providing high quality products and excellent customer service are our primary goals at INK Books. Bottom line, the only way we and our company can be successful is if our customers are happy and are experiencing the savings we've promised. Period. If you're happy, then you'll tell other expecting couples or new parents how our book can help them. It's a win-win situation for both you and us. You'll help your friends experience the same savings you have benefited from and our company continues to flourish!

For testimonials from our customers, please click here.

"...But we're not stopping here!

You'll get $40 in free bonuses that you can't live without!!

We believe the tips you’ll find here are the best you’ll find anywhere! We know these tips can save you both money and time before and after your baby arrives!  So, we’re going one step above and beyond our “Special Delivery” money back guarantee by offering you 8 SUPER Baby BONUSES, valued at more than $40, absolutely FREE, if you order online today!

Your 8 super Baby Bonuses include:

Baby Bonus #1:
Baby “Basics”

(A $4.95 Value)
This bonus gives you a handy checklist of all the items you’ll “really” need for your baby’s arrival with realistic quantities plus a measurement chart to help with your baby’s clothing purchases.
Baby Bonus #2:
Drug List, Well-Care Visits
and More

(A $7.95 Value)
This bonus gives you a handy checklist of all the OTC medications you’ll need to have on hand for your baby, an easy to read dosage chart for most OTC meds, poison center contact information, and a chart of immunizations and well-care visits by age. This bonus is a blessing for parents since it combines all this important information in one easy-to-access section! I, the author, reference this section constantly before giving our children OTC medication to be sure I have the correct dosage amount for their age and weight! I'd be lost without these easy-to-reference medicine dosage charts!
Baby Bonus #3:
Baby’s Phone List

(A $4.95 Value)
This bonus gives you a handy phone list for the important phone numbers you’ll need before and after your delivery. Put your mind at peace knowing you’ve got all the numbers you or Dad will need for medical needs and for announcing your arrival to family and friends! Don’t be without this list!
Baby Bonus #4:
Baby’s Daily Activity Log

(A $4.95 Value)
This bonus gives you a log for you to record your baby’s daily activity. By reviewing these logs routinely, you’ll be able to monitor growth spurts, fluid and food intake, nap schedules and diapers used. This log is an absolute must that helps you record your baby’s activity instead of trying to recall it from memory.
Baby Bonus #5:
Baby’s Feeding Log
(A $4.95 Value)
This bonus gives you a log to record the new foods your baby eats once she starts solids and her reactions. This log can help you monitor her preferences and note any allergic reactions.
Baby Bonus #6:
Song Time

(A $4.95 Value)
This bonus gives you several silly songs to get your creativity flowing for you and your baby. Included are several new verses you can add to a couple of classic nursery songs to keep the song going. This bonus is full of super fun!
Baby Bonus #7:
The ABC’s of
Toy Safety
(A $4.95 Value)
This bonus has a checklist jammed packed with safety tips to help you make the best toy selections for your baby. We’ve even included two measurement guides to help you test the size of small objects and the length of toy cords to be sure they’re safe for your baby! You won’t want to be with out these!
Baby Bonus #8:
Increase Your Baby’s Brain Power
(A $4.95 Value)
Our last bonus gives you ten super ways you can play and interact with your baby that will jump start his learning processes. You’ll won’t believe how fun teaching your baby can be! Jump into the wonderful world of learning this bonus will share with you and your baby!

Why waste money and time learning the “hard way” all the money and time saving secrets seasoned parents already know how to do? Order your copy of “I Wish I Had Know That!” now for $24.95 and     start your savings TODAY!

"Need More Unique Baby Gift Ideas!?!"

The gift of savings is always a hit!

You don’t have to be an expecting or new parent to enjoy the benefits this book offers. Looking for the perfect and unique baby shower gift the new parents can really enjoy day after day!?! What better baby gift to give than one that gives back!

Instead of giving a baby gift that will be quickly outgrown, why not give them the gift of savings! Just imagine – your baby shower gift of “I Wish I Had Known That!” may allow the new parents to start a college fund for their baby long before they thought they would. So in the end, you’re giving two gifts instead of one! What gift could be better!?!

Remember, order online today and you too will get the 8 super baby bonuses FREE! That’s like giving your friend, daughter or son 9 super gifts, all for the low price of $24.95! Click here to order today!

INK Books also offers additional unique gifts you can find nowhere else. Our Baby Announcement Signs, Sibling Announcement Signs, Life's Lessons™ Keepsake Poem and more are huge hits for expecting and new parents!

Click here for more unique hard-to-find keepsake gifts your friend or family member will cherish always!

"The Whole Package"

If you're ready to start your super baby savings and claim your 8 FREE Super Baby Bonuses today

Order now - and we'll jump-start your savings.
Save 20% - Get your copy today for the low price of $19.95!

Don't waste your money and time unnecessarily as hundreds of other parents have and will! Order your copy today!

Finally, with all the baby sites out there, we appreciate and thank you for visiting our site. We love receiving feedback on our site and use your opinions and ideas to make our site better. If you would like to submit your feedback, please click here.

We hope your life with your new addition is one of your greatest joys in your life. May Life bless all of you with more smiles than tears, more joy than sadness, more successes than trials, and finally, with a great deal of love and fond memories that you will cherish and share for a lifetime.


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